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Two Girls Taste Texas is the brainchild of Regina Moretto, Wardrobe Stylist and Editor-in-Chief of COEUS Magazine. Two Girls share a love of good food, great wine, beer and all things Texas. In an attempt to explore and document the fast growing and thriving food culture and upscale dining experiences, Regina created Two Girls Taste Texas…the go to blog for all locals and visitors alike.  Two Girls features family recipes, Best Date Night Experiences, featured Chefs, and so much more.  Follow Two Girls on their journey to “Taste Texas!”


Meet Regina Moretto

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Regina Moretto discovered her love of food at the same time she discovered her insatiable Wanderlust; while stationed in Vicenza, Italy.  She immersed herself entirely in the local food culture and upon her return to the states began to seek out the beautiful presentations and complex flavors found anywhere but fast food.  Her military travels with the US Air Force allowed her to experience firsthand the cuisines of Italy, Portugal, Indonesia, Hawaii and the Middle East.  Although she was a System Administrator by trade, she knew she was a true foodie at heart.

An accomplished writer, internationally published wardrobe stylist, and proud whiskey sipper; Regina enjoys cooking on all four burners of the stove.  She juggles motherhood and three daughters, exploring Houston’s thriving food industry, creating and developing fashion editorial concepts for clients, and writing engaging articles for COEUS magazine and “Two Girls Taste Texas”.  Regina has very little spare time but, in the time she likes to consider “free time,” she reads Young Adult novels (a guilty pleasure), visits the gym, plays iPhone games, binge watches Netflix or plays with the infrastructure and design of the Two Girls blog website.

You can find some of Regina’s early styling work at www.krop.com/zuccherostyling.  She is currently collaborating on a “Retro Inspired” shoot with a local creative team for submission into a national magazine.  You may also follow Regina through the regular social media channels listed below:

FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/regina.moretto.3

TWITTER:  @morettor and @tgttx

INSTAGRAM:  @zuccherostyling and @twogirlstastetexas

EMAIL:  regina@twogirlstastetexas.com



Meet Tiffany Kowalski

Tiffany Kowalski

Tiffany Kowalski


Tiffany is a spunky nationally published photographer, jewelry designer, and high school art teacher. She started shooting professionally in 2006 and earned her BFA in Photography in December of 2010. Tiffany felt the itch to start designing jewelry in late 2014 and by Spring 2015 launched Dove & The Whale, an online jewelry boutique.
While Tiffany was in college one of her professors saw a spark in her whenever she would address the class and he told her that she should get her Master’s degree to come back and teach with him. That idea stuck with her and she’s now decided to pursue that goal. In the meantime, she’s gaining experience teaching high school art.
Tiffany has always had an insatiable appetite for good food and has a passion for learning to prepare dishes from all over the world. Due to her family’s Sicilian and Louisiana background some of her favorite foods include gumbo, crawfish étouffée, fried frog legs and alligator, and anything with pasta sauce or mozzarella. As a native Texan, she can’t get enough of real Mexican food and Texas barbecue. But having grown up in Alief (one of the most culturally diverse areas in Houston) Tiffany’s pallet for great international cuisine developed in early to include things like curry (goat and chicken), bulgogi, phở, and bánh mì.
Some fun facts about Tiffany are:
– Her nickname is tk3k – given to her by a college professor. It stands for Tiffany Kowalski, 3 kids.
– She loves movies so much that she  keeps a list of all the films she watches each year.
– One of her favorite things to do in the whole wide world is karaoke.
– She likes to climb trees.
– And she is a Star Wars nerd.