Two Girls Visit FLUFF Bake Bar

January is National Baking Month and I couldn’t bear to let this month slip by without blogging about the “Best Little Bake Shop in Midtown.”  We were searching for pastries, cookies, cakes; anything sweet and close by using the Zomato app when we stumbled across Fluff Bake Bar.  Michele and I just spent a full day of networking, mingling, and trading information with Houston’s most popular and influential bloggers.  We were totally ready to do what we do best; try something new and delicious, take tons of pictures, and post on all our social media!  Seriously, that’s all we do when we’re together.  This day was only a tad bit different because we were actually productive for a large majority of the morning during the Houston Blogger Collaboration Day.

Let me just say, anytime we get together there’s quite a bit of mischief and merriment but all our best-laid plans go to waste.  The Houston Blogger Collabo allowed us to share a space with other bloggers, discuss issues, trade secrets, and offer advice to help each other develop our blogs.  Catering was provided by Pollo Tropical but we needed some “Two Girls” time with coffee and desserts to really “digest” all the information we gained at the event.

FLUFF Bake Bar was easy to find, right off Gray Street across (and kind of caddy corner) from Cyclone Anaya’s in the heart of Midtown.  We found parking in the small garage and walked up the sidewalk to FLUFF.  I fell in love just standing outside peering in through the window.  I have a thing for aesthetics.  Certain fonts, colors, typography, or the way an owner chooses to decorate can either turn me “off” or “on” about a particular location.

FLUFF Bake Bar Midtown

FLUFF Bake Bar reminds me of a modernized take on the “malt shops” of the 50s with a slight hint of whimsy.  The clean and simple aesthetic marries well with the retro nod.  As you walk in there are a few small tables and chairs to your left leading your eyes to the back of the room.  On the right, is a huge window where you can watch the “bakers” creating all sorts of pastries and treats.  Even the bathrooms have a touch of the “magical” whimsy found “sprinkled” around the bake-bar.

FLUFF Bake Bar Window

Michele glanced over the menu and quickly ordered a “fluffernutter” cookie.  Ever the indecisive one, I took my time perusing the menu and asked a few questions.  Fluff serves an eclectic assortment of cookies:  the fluffernutters, hobnobs, snickerdoodles, you know…the usual.  Then along comes a spider; SOLs (Fluff’s version of a moon pie), SHOs (Sugar Hooker Oreos), Gluten Free Fluffernutters, and the Couch Potato.  FLUFF offers more than typical bakeries believe me, I was very impressed with the creative menu and the new takes on some old favorites.  As I said earlier, I love trying new things and find myself bored with the ordinary so I tried the Veruca Salt with a cappuccino.

Two Girls Order at FLUFF Bake Bar

(Clockwise from top): Cappuccino, fluffernutter, espresso, Veruca Salt Cup|Cake.

Cupcakes are my favorite dessert.  I like to think of myself as a “cupcake connoisseur”.  I’ve tried all sorts of flavors, sizes, and interesting combinations.  FLUFF’s “CUP|CAKES” just landed themselves on my list of favorites and here’s why:  their cupcakes are literally a slice of cake in a cup.  When I eat a cupcake I like to get a bit of cake and a bit of icing in each bite.  You may think I’m a little bit neurotic but, once I run out of icing, I’m no longer interested in the cupcake.  Some people get it right with the perfect cake to icing ratio but, most often you find a disturbing imbalance:  too much cake and not enough icing or the dreaded more icing than cake scenario.  My “Veruca Salt” CUP|CAKE was the perfect layered ratio of devil’s food cake to salted caramel buttercream icing.  I’m a sucker for buttercream!  I loved the moist semisweet cake with the salted caramel flavored buttercream.  Each bite was “devilishly” delightful and I really enjoyed the bits of pretzel and candied pearls on top.  I can honestly say this was the perfect dessert to appease my craving and I’m looking forward to trying others.

Currently, the Veruca Salt is my favorite CUP|CAKE but I’m sure the Birthday Cake, Black Velvet, and Carrot Cake are just as wonderful.  You can also find full size versions of the CUP|CAKES at FLUFF and they even create special order wedding cakes!

If you’re in Midtown Saturday mornings around 10, you’re in for a treat as FLUFF hosts #saturdaymorningbakesale, a gastronomic fete of sweet and savory bites for the pastry epicurean.  You can also pop in during their regular business hours:  Tuesday-Thursday 10 am – 10 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 am – 12 am (Hey! Late night CUP|CAKES!!!), and Sunday 12 pm – 10 pm.  So you don’t hang out in Midtown?  You can check out FLUFF Bake Bar goodies at the following locations around Houston:  Siphon Coffee, Inversion Coffee House, Max’s Wine Dive, and Southside Espresso.


FLUFF Bake Bar

314 Gray St

Houston, Texas

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