Two Girls Check Out Houston’s Tasty Tuesdays Food Truck Event

Let’s talk about food trucks.  Have you ever heard of “Tasty Tuesdays” the Food Truck Event?  Food trucks are a rising phenom contributing varied and diverse culinary fare to the demanding Houston dining experience.  I watched as our city transformed from 3-4 trucks near the Fine Arts Museum a few years ago, to the sprawling Food Truck Park on Leeland and the growing “Tasty Tuesdays” monthly food truck event in the Galleria area.  Everyday new food trucks join the ranks of Houston’s mobile dining community.

Skratch Food Truck

“Tasty Tuesdays” is the largest food truck event held on the second Tuesday of every month between Westheimer and San Felipe.  The corporate office campus managed by Cousins Properties Inc, is the perfect location for a food truck adventure; there are several benches shaded by beautiful mature trees, an amazing fountain, easy access parking, and a long promenade where 16-18 trucks post for the event each month.  Windows open at 11am and they tend to wrap up around 2pm.

August Tasty Tuesday Food Truck Event Lineup

Tasty Tuesday Food Truck Lineup for August

This month, visitors were treated to the “moveable feasts” of The Golden Grill, Savor the Bites, Skratch, Yummy Dog Gourmet Sausage, Bernie’s Burger Bus, Buttz Gourmet Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Frosted Betty Bake Shop, Lone Star Samwiches, Happy Baking, Flaming Patties, Friohana Shave Ice, Ripe Cuisine, Koagie Hots, Moon Rooster, and the Rice Box.  Without my co-pilot Michele, I was unable to tackle as many food trucks as we usually cover.

Bernie's Burger Bus Tasty Tuesday Food Truck Event Houston Galleria

Bernie’s Burger Bust at Tasty Tuesday Food Truck Event August

First stop:  Lone Star Samwiches.  The guys at Lone Star Samwiches serve up quick, fresh, locally sourced ingredient “samwiches” with a multi-cultural punch you won’t forget.  In an hommage to Texas and Houston’s fascinating history you’ll find iconic sandwiches like the Hughes, the Harris, or the Johnson sharing the menu with SAMosas and a sandwich called “Deep in the Heart of Dhaka” giving a playful nod to East Indian fusions.  I tried the “Four Horsemen”; a meat lover’s fantasy where beef, chicken, turkey, and ham meet lettuce and tomato garnish.  I found this “samwich” full of flavor and quite messy!  I needed two hands to properly handle and maneuver.  The name was intimidating but never one to run from a challenge, I devoured this beast greedily.

Lone Star Samwiches Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen “Samwich” from Lone Star Samwiches

Next up:  Friohana Shave Ice.  Dear Lord it was mighty hot outside and the line cluster of people around the Friohana Shave Ice truck was crazy!  I placed my order for an Orange Dreamsicle with cream and then retreated to the tiny space of shade underneath the air conditioner on the side of the truck.  When I lived on Oahu I enjoyed visiting Matsumoto’s Shave Ice in Haliewa town (the North Shore).  The flavors and toppings at Matsumoto were typical of Hawaiian culture and taste like the Green Tea Special with cream, azuki beans and mochi balls.  Friohana offers the usual flavors and “Texan-style” toppings:  chilli, chamoy (one of my favorites), cream, and sour spray.  You get a choice of two sizes; small Hawaiian for $4.50 and large Hawaiian for $6.50, which should really be named “big” and “bigger”!  I ordered the small.


Friohana Texas Shave Ice

Friohana Shave Ice at Tasty Tuesdays Food Truck Event

Friohana Texas Shave Ice Menu

Friohana Shave Ice Menu

Orange Dreamsicle Friohana Shave Ice Tasty Tuesday Food Truck Event

Orange Dreamsicle from Friohana Shave Ice at Tasty Tuesday Food Truck Event

I finished up the event with dessert from Frosted Betty Bake Shop.  I flipping love cupcakes.  Cupcakes are my kryptonite.  I think there should be more drive thru cupcake shops in Houston and the surrounding areas.  I may have to open one in Pearland because I can’t possibly be the only person that craves a red velvet cupcake at 11:02pm at night.  But I digress…Frosted Betty Bake Shop is awesome!  So awesome that they were even featured winners on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.  Their menu offers more than just cupcakes!  Frosted Betty served up ice cream sandwiches, natural fruit popsicles, brownies, lemon squares, and banana pudding!  I took home a lovely box with their vanilla pistachio and chocolate cake balls and their red velvet and vanilla birthday cake flavored cupcakes.

Frosted Betty Bake Shop Food Truck Cupcake Wars

Frosted Betty Bakeshop on Tasty Tuesdays featured on Cupcake Wars Food Network

Frosted Betty Bakeshop Cupakes and Cake balls

I wish I had more stomachs so I could try more trucks!  Good thing I live near a 24 hour gym.  I’m sure I’ll get to try all of the food trucks in due time.  I highly recommend visiting next month.  The corporate offices in the Galleria area are so lucky to have access to a great assortment of the best food trucks in Houston all in one convenient location.


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