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Rainy Day Antique Shopping

2015-04-05 13.33.24Central Texas is known for their antique shops and fairs filled with one of a kind pieces, fried foods, and new ideas for how I want to set up my new place. Texas Antique Week in Round Top, Texas (the location of America’s favorite junkers the Junk Gypsies) on the last day was full of packing up booths and drizzle, but plenty of picks nonetheless. Though I wasn’t able to shop the Junk Gypsies’ tent, I was able to pick up a few things which I am going to use to decorate my future home.

2015-04-05 15.22.21Most booths and tents will not allow you to take pictures or video any where near their merchandise due to them having one of kind pieces, wood working techniques, and countless other things. I was able to pick up some lucky horseshoes and cast-iron mermaid from a large cast-iron whole seller at one location and a new jersey shirt and hanging chalkboard (to post my favorite cocktail concoctions and wine list) from Amber Marie and Co. out of Oklahoma.

2015-04-05 14.35.52Since we (my mom and I) hadn’t eaten all day we went by a local place called The Oaks Restaurant in Warrenton, Texas. They had several specials on Sunday, but I decided to try their pork loin with loaded mash potatoes and vinegar based cole slaw while my mother had the cheeseburger with their waffle fries and cole slaw. My mother is a big fan of mayo based cole slaw instead of the vinegar based type, but she might have been converted because of the light vinegar taste which usually over powers those types of slaws. The pork loin was moist and not over cooked and the mash potatoes had the skins still on (which is my favorite way to have them) and loaded with great flavor. The hamburger was moist and made by hand and held up well in the bun with a great bite down that didn’t make you stretch out our jaw too much. The waffle fries were the best thing with the crispy outside and fluffy inside with the right amount of salt added to them.

Check out the Tastemade below:

Oaks Restaurant

Texas Antique Week happens twice a year, you can get more information at The Oaks Restaurant is located 5507 S. State Hwy 237, Warrenton, Texas and has special antique show hours.

We Love to Shop and Eat

2015-04-03 15.05.26-1
Regina and I have been quite busy with our lives; Regina having her kids out during Spring Break and I am dealing with school assignments. So when we meet up we stay out for hours and try lots of different places. This past Friday was no exception. We decided to start our day of food and fun by heading towards Midtown to try out Sparrow Bar + Cookshop for some tasty treats. Tucked in between The Breakfast Klub and Natachee’s Supper ’n Punch, Sparrow offers an intimate setting for a business lunch, brunch, or a dinner date. We were lucky enough to partake of their brunch menu, on a Friday. I know right? I was happy too, especially since I like to sleep in on Sundays. Of course when it comes to brunch you have to have a cocktail or champagne to go with it. While Regina stuck with the mimosa (their blood orange version is very tasty), I decided to try their garden gin and tonic with rosemary, cucumber with a smooth taste.

2015-04-03 14.06.02When it came to ordering food though we were stuck on what we really wanted to eat, so we decided to do it home style and ordered several plates. I wanted to try small plates and went with the market quiche and the special tacos; both change each week. The quiche was the red bell pepper with goat’s cheese and the tacos were a pair pulled chicken tacos on corn tortillas dressed with ranchero sauce and avocado. Both were perfect sizes and great to share since they could easily be cut in half or split. The quiche had a smooth taste of goat’s cheese with a small bit of a bite from the bell pepper. The tacos had a small heat but was cooled with the ripe avocado.

2015-04-03 14.38.30
Regina couldn’t decide between the chilaquiles and the brioche french toast; two big plates which were also easy to divide amongst ourselves. The chilaquiles had all the taste of the best tex-mex breakfast; the corn tortillas and ranchero sauce blended nicely with the scrambled eggs and vegetables. The french toast was buttery and sweet and thickly cut; you can eat it by itself, with the grass fed butter running over the top, or with the butter and dipped in the syrup. The sticky sweet texture was just the right feeling in your mouth. We finished off with their sweets plate which had different varieties of tasty nibbles; ranging from truffles to a brittle concoction which tasted like a chocolate covered pecan pie without the crust.

2015-04-03 20.11.51After brunch we needed to shop for a side project we are developing, which took us to the Montrose area to the many thrift stores. We looked through the racks of Buffalo Exchange, Leopard Lounge, and a few others. Between searching we popped into the Poison Girl Bar where we drew inspiration for our shoot while sipping on some whiskey sours made with Yellow Rose Whiskey (located in Houston, Texas no less).

2015-04-03 17.46.44After drinks we shopped some more and after a few hours decided to end our day with coffee and small bites. We stopped into the Brasil Cafe where we grabbed some tamales; the squash and pepper was our favorite by far, while the pork tamale was a little on the greasy side, a Mexican iced chocolate, a iced coffee, and a Honey Apricot mead. Everything tasted great and the atmosphere was nice and relaxing.

It was great to sit down, hash out some things for the blog and our projects, and just enjoy each others company. This is why we are such great friends and I am glad I have her as a partner in crime for blogging. Check out our Tastemade video we did for Sparrow Bar + Cookshop down below!

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop is located at 3701 Travis St, Houston, Texas 77002. Poison Girl is located at 1641 B Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas 77006. Brasil Cafe is located at 2604 Dunlavy St, Houston, Texas 77006.

Two Girls & Easter Brunch…

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Two Girls Do Brunch at the Kipper Club

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