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Two Girls Do BRC Gastropub

DSC_0142It seems like every time I’m in downtown Houston, I always want to leave when rush hour traffic hits. I have visited BRC Gastropub once before for drinks after thrifting with a friend; this time it was after a food extravaganza with Regina and a day of vinyl shopping. Every time I have spent time there, the staff was warm, friendly, and knowledgeable about their entrees.

DSC_0135Executive Chef Lance Fegen and partner in culinary crime Lee Ellis bring the old school idea on London-based gastropubs; providing a local neighborhood setting with great food, ales, and beer. Having been to many a gastropub while in my travels to London (both in downtown and suburban London), the warm atmosphere and great food make it worth the stop in for a pint and a plate.


DSC_0130During my recent trips (I went two times within a three-day span) to the BRC, I started with the steak tartare and their infamous cheddar biscuits with bacon jam. The steak tartare melted in your mouth and was beautifully topped with caper berry which gave it an even more mouth watering taste. Of course with any tartare it was served with salt and vinegar potato chips; which really rounded out all the flavors for me on the plate. The cheddar biscuits and bacon jam were just to die for; you’re served two healthy sized biscuits as an appetizer. I couldn’t even finish one biscuit because they were so filling. Since I was by myself I decided the dip method for the bacon jam would be the best way to enjoy it and I wasn’t wrong; again I was so glad when I got home and was able to have them later in the day.


DSC_0132For my first recent trip to BRC, I ordered their lamb burger (which the lamb is sourced out of Comstock, Texas). I had it served medium and without cheese (being lactose intolerant and all); this really brought out the flavors of the meat and made the whole burger experience really great. My second trip was during the day and I got their chef’s dog of the week which was topped with sauerkraut and sweet mustard. I probably looked weird eating a hotdog with a fork and knife, but I couldn’t exactly eat it with my hands.

I am a huge fan of key lime pie mostly because I have been to the Florida Keys numerous times in my life, so when I heard they had it I had to taste it for myself. It has a very mellow tangy taste to it which doesn’t overwhelm the palate. I was told by my waiter/bartender they make most of their pies and cakes at Petite Sweets (a sister company to BRC) daily.


DSC_0149I cannot wait to go back (with Regina) and try other items on their menu. I was told both times, Sunday brunch was well worth the wait; they always have a long line to wait for a table. I most looking forward to their Sunday special, Frito Pie Insanity (I’ll make sure to brace myself with all the dairy), their brunch, and their deviled eggs (which are topped with their bacon jam and fried oysters). They are located at 519 Shepard Street; you can’t miss it there is a big, red rooster in front of their establishment.

Check out the Tastemade video I created from my first trip there (pardon the lighting, I was at the bar during happy hour).

BRC Gastropub

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These Two Girls Love Their Desserts

DSC_0112Every time Regina and I meet up, we spend hours and hours in one place and only leave when it gets dark. When we dropped by Red Dessert Dive it was no different. Red is located in the historic Houston Heights at 1045 Studewood Street surrounded by local favorites and just down the street from White Oak Boulevard.

This neat little sweet shop is fondly named after the owner Jessica Lusk’s grandmother; only Lusk’s grandfather was allowed to call her Red while others called her Stella. This little dive is very eco-friendly; they recycle every wine bottle and beer can used, use rubber stamps instead of stickers, and the shop’s own design is made of recycled products.

What first attracted me to Red was an Instagram photo of their sticky toffee pudding topped with Southern Star buried hatchet stout ice cream and paired with Saint Arnold’s Christmas Ale. If this doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what is wrong with you. I happen to be a fan of both breweries and wished I had gotten my hands on a plate of this. The photos they post on their social media accounts make you want to taste every savory item, pastry, pie, and cake!


The day Regina and I decided to stop into the shop was a very magical day. We started out on their salted honey pie, their red velvet cupcake, and two cups of coffee which were from their friends over at Boomtown Coffee (located on 19th Street in the Heights). The honey pie had the consistency of a pecan pie, but the baked top of a pumpkin pie; very flavorful and the hint of salt really enhanced how the honey hit our tongues. The red velvet cupcake was moist in the middle and the cream cheese frosting was deliciously sweet.

Dsf1yZ8ioGCFgM_d2AWEgxfqLZr8r1NzVezp8jnyd_ESince we decided to stay a total of five hours (yes you read correctly), we had another round of tasting. This time we tried their orange cheesecake and two cups of their rise n’ shine tea (freshly brewed in front of us). The pairing really made the flavors of the cheesecake stand out; we both concluded it tastes astonishingly like the “Creamsicles” of our childhood.  The staff was super friendly and the owner even let us take pictures of their infamous lemon berry cake; which we both regret not grabbing a slice to go.

DSC_0117So if you are looking for a great place to sit and drink a coffee or even enjoy some dessert with wine or beer during their happy hour, you should definitely stop by Red Dessert Dive and Coffee Shop. They are open Tuesday through Sunday; check out their website for the specific hours of each day. They are currently raising money for the Texas Children’s Hospital through Heights’ based organization Battle Buddy 57. The fundraiser runs until Sunday February 1, 2015.

Check out our Tastemade video (which was featured on the Tastemade Houston Facebook Page) featuring Red Dessert Dive and Coffee Shop.

RED Dessert Dive and Coffee Shop


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